TWEEFONTEIN– Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) afforded the public a last chance to register to vote for the upcoming national elections, 2019.  However some individuals echoed their dissatisfaction to the fact that their votes makes no difference in their lives. Sesi Dladla attest to the fact that, “there is little hope of improvements while there are no employment opportunities or skills developments programs. “

According to Sylvia Sebone, ANC party agent, most of the voters are adults and few youth. Youth is discouraged to vote due to various reasons, among others, practical corrupted politicians. In the same vein, Kgotso Mollo (22) is disgusted with the corruption at the local municipality. “What is the point of voting while it does not benefit us, for example you present your business plan to municipality officials, they just ignore you because you are not their party member,” said Kgotso.

A first time voter, Tshepo Sebothoma (21) will vote to test the impact of his voting power. “I’m going to vote and hope for the better future”.  However some voters registered but they will not turn up on Election Day. Lindiwe Mthimunye from Ward 15, Somaroboro Primary School confirmed that, “yes people registered but it is hard to confirm if they will be at the voting station during the elections period”.


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