TWEEFONTEIN: Women are left with no choice but to resort to other contraception methods other than injections. Women who had been depending on the injection contraceptive for pregnancy prevention, known as family planning, have been struggling lately to get their monthly contraception injections. This has left them with no choice but to find alternative ways of preventing pregnancy such as pills and condoms. However most of the women who trust injections say these other methods are not reliable.

S’bongile Mabhena (39) who is one of those affected by the recent challenge says they have no choice but to use condoms “we don’t want to get pregnant, so without the injections we have no choice but to start using condoms” said Sbongile.

An employee from a local clinic, Tweefontein A clinic, Sister Innocentia Manana (30) says the reason for the unavailability of the injections is because the Depot, where the treatment is ordered, is out of stock, “we are out of stock, the depot is out of stock so they cannot supply us with the injections at all clinics” explained Ms Manana. “ I can say that this is not just a provincial challenge but it has affected the whole nation, we started with not having Nar, the two month injection, in June and Depo, the one for three months we stopped receiving it in October, the little that we had is what we shared with other local clinics” she added.

She further on mentioned that different alternative methods that women can take, “as a clinic there’s not much that we can do but to advise women to condomise, take pills, we also have a Lube, which is a device we put inside a women’s private part. It is much reliable because it can be effective for about four years, so those are the alternative ways we advise them to take”.

Thembi Skhosana, who has been using the pills as contraceptives says they are safe but need someone who is responsible “prevention pills are safe but very risky, they need someone who is responsible, you have to make sure that you take them every day at a certain hour” said Thembi.

An anonymous source from Steve Biko Academic Hospital says the Nar injection has been cancelled after thorough research proved that using it for a long time affects the body bones, making them weak. The source further said that the Depo injection hasn’t been cancelled but is still under investigation. Getting a comment from the Mpumalanga Provincial Health department was unsuccessful.


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