Ellen Nkosi a 35-year-old woman from Phola Village in Thembisile Hani Local Municipality, who saw unemployment as an opportunity to nurture her first love which is agriculture. Ellen like any other young person had a job and was content with her salary until the contract ended in 2014. With all the time in her hands, she started a vegetable garden to supplement the food at home. This was an easy thing to do because she learnt it from her mother over the years as she has been growing vegetables to sustain the livelihood of the household and by selling the surplus to the neighbours. The money derived from sales of vegetables was used to buy household essentials and meat.

She then discovered her passion for agriculture, the mother sent her to Buhle Academy, where she received accredited training in poultry production. She further learnt that agriculture can be the best instrument to make a living. She then pursued agriculture as a business; she registered an entity and applied for funding from National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) whereby she got funding to start egg production business. She bought production inputs (Layers, Feeds and Medication) and second hand cages. She converted a garage into a Laying house.

Ms Ellen Nkosi with other Young Female farmers delegated to the China Entrepreneur Seminar

Since she is working closely with Agricultural Advisors from the Department of Agriculture, Rural development, Land and Environmental Affairs and seeing her commitment as a subsistence and young farmers and in improving her business. She was encouraged to enter into the DAFF Female Entrepreneur Awards competition for the year 2018/19 whereby she got the 1st prize in the category Best Subsistence Producer in the Sector and also got 2nd prize in the category of the Young Female Farmer with a total amount of cash prize-R130 000.00 in August 2018.

As the DAFF FEA’s objective is to increase and award the participation of women, young women and women with disability in agriculture and to have a transformed and united sector. Ms Nkosi was recently one of the four (4) young female farmers delegated to attend an International Seminar on Modern Agri-Economy Management for Developing Countries which took place form the 2nd -22nd November 2018 at Yangling International Exchange Centre in China.

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